We Are the Source for Leadership.


LEAD Clermont Academy's goal is to become the national gold standard for developing leaders. We build people that value connections and collaboration and that lead by serving.


Our philosophy revolves around three core methods of leadership that we want to promote: Personal Leadership, Strengths-based Leadership, and Servant Leadership.


Personal Leadership

We can’t effectively lead or influence others if we can’t influence ourselves.

Strengths-based Leadership

We are at our best when we use our individual and team character strengths.

Servant Leadership

We serve a greater good, and our impact comes from service to others.

Strategic Focus Areas and Initiatives


Focus Area 1:
Build the leadership continuum.

Strategic Initiatives:
Create awareness.

Educate leaders.

Share what we know (be a source of knowledge)

Focus Area 2:
Deploy leaders.

Strategic Initiatives:
Deploy the best leader for the task.

Leaders are proactively addressing community needs.

Focus Area 3:
Build a world class organization.

Strategic Initiatives:
Use best practices.

Build a sustainable organization.

Attract and retain talent.

The Continuum: Leadership for All Phases of Life.


The Continuum is our sequence of learning and serving within a single program, and across all programs.

Within a single program, the continuum builds on lessons of leadership, service, and growth. It’s a cycle of gaining skills and using those skills. The progression is from program to promise for a certain phase of life.

Across programs, the continuum builds on previous lessons and experiences of leadership. The cycle of gaining skills and using those skills progresses across a lifetime, from early childhood to reFIREment (not retirement).

The Continuum applies to LEAD Alumni as a two-way street:

Promise to LCA Alumni

  • Friendships & camaraderie
  • Professional development
  • Mentoring
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Networking

Promise from LCA Alumni

  • Give back in your own way
  • Serve the community  
  • Donate financially
  • Serve on LCA committees
  • Participate in LCA events
Leadership Continuum 1.png
Continuum: a coherent whole characterized as a sequence, or progression.
— Merriam-Webster

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