The Promise

Every LEAD program carries an expectation: to use the skills, connections, and friendships to improve the quality of life in your community.


What Is The Promise?


Leadership is about knowing that leader that's inside of us, developing and growing that leader, and then actively putting those skills to good use rather than sitting on them. It doesn't serve any real purpose to attend a class or series of classes, graduating, and then simply going back to doing whatever we were doing before. It's important to takes those skills, connections and passion and now use them to do good.

The Promise is about doing what you said you were going to do. It's about working in the community to make it a better place. Just as LEAD Clermont Academy makes a promise to its alumni to develop them into real leaders, alumni also make a promise to LEAD and to each other to use those leadership skills to give back to the community they live, work and play in.

Promise: A declaration that one will do something specified; ground for expectation of success, improvement, or excellence.
— Merriam Webster

Fulfilling The Promise:

Lead Classic


Agenda For The Future
David Gooch, LEAD ClaSSIC Class of 2012

The Agenda for the Future community conversations were held in 2014‐2015, and were designed to create a strategic plan that would build on the best of Clermont County, and involve a new generation of residents in the process. More than 500 participants identified priorities including Economic Opportunity, Transportation, Parks & Recreation, Community, Lifelong Learning, Health & Wellness, and Housing.

Agenda for the future.JPG

Stopping The Abuse Before It Ever Starts
Mary Eisnaugle, LEAD Classic Class of 2013

Partnering with local organizations and police departments, Stopping The Abuse Before It Ever Starts was created to reach every student in Clermont County before they have kids of their own. The program teaches necessary life skills needed to be good parents, and to ensure they understand to never hurt, abuse or neglect a child. By 2015, the team reached more than 2500 Clermont County public school students. The entire team is made up of volunteers, with many of their employers encourage their participation in the program.

Child Abuse Presentation CNE.JPG

John Melvin, LEAD Classic Class of 1992

KLiCWOW's goal is to see that every Clermont County preschool child enters kindergarten prepared for success. In 2016 and 2017, KLiCWOW provided free tablets and WOW Pouches to over 380 kids. The tablets are pre-programmed with educational apps designed to improve literacy and math skills, and to support individual cognitive growth and development and get kids excited about learning. A 100% volunteer-based organization.



LEAD Ready



West Clermont

The 2018 LEAD Ready class was made up of 11 students from Amelia and 11 students from Glen Este High School. They met outside of their schools to help build teamwork. The Promise they were asked to fulfill was to help the Superintendent in planning for the merger of the new high school, and be the leaders who bring the brought the new student body together.



Goshen formed a Student Leadership board to serve as a sounding board and direct connection between the Principal and the student body. They created a program to inform and inspire students to prepare for state testing, including an Academic Rally. In 2017 this program improved ACT scores to the best in the county, with additional improvement in 2018.



An Ambassador Program was created by Milford Leaders for two related purposes: to mentor and aid incoming freshmen, and to provide one-on-one help to students that are new to the district.